Stephen Waller

Miscellaneous Strips


9 Panels (Ongoing)

A series of very quick and simple comic strips maintaining a 9 panel grid. Published whenever and wherever.



Food Fighters (2014)

My mini-strip created for the first few issues of Jamie Smart's fantastic children's comic 'Moose Kid Comics'. Go read them all for free now!



Direct line to God (2014)

An offshoot of the 9 Panels run mentioned above. I don't know how many i'll be able to squeeze out of this format, but i'm going to give it a damn good go.



Superhero Dinosaur Princess (2013 & 2016)

At last a Superhero focussed tested and marketed for maximum audience penetration! She's a Superhero! A Dinosaur! And a Princess! It's like printing money! This first strip was a one off, but I brought her back for a longer adventure in Jamie Smart's 'Moose Kid Comics' a few years later.



Corporate Skull Guest Strip (2011)

A guest strip for Jamie Smart's riotous 'Corporate Skull' comic.



Fat Chunk (2008-9)

Two full page entries into Jamie Smart's 'Fat Chunk' anthology series. Each volume had a theme to be drawn around. The first was 'Robots' and the second was 'Zombies'



Brainstew (2006)


Around the time of starting The Elsewhere, I also collaborated on a brief series of webcomics with my friend Paul Reeve. He wrote the stories, and I illustrated them. It was also a good excuse to try colouring, as I was predominantly working in black and white back then.