Stephen Waller




A selection of short animations and videos used for various purposes
(projections, promotional pieces, banners and general web decoration).


Swift Creatives
Mixed Reality concepts for Swift Creatives.

Foldable Phones
Some conceptual work Identifing new opportunities offered by Samsung's foldable phone, thinking beyond simply scaling our existing digital products and leveraging the inherant flexibility of the screens to unlock new interactions.

Dezeen x Samsung
The winning design in the Dezeen x Samsung competition to create Ambient Mode graphics for the QLED TV.

Goertek / Bubble Lab
A Mixed Reality project for Bubble Lab's CES 2019 booth.

Google GDPR
A set of vector animations made with the AE plug-in Bodymovin.

Goertek / Nissei Japan
A looping screensaver that will play on Nissei's automated ice cream machines (see below).

Promotional video for an App. For more information, please see the Zhuck case study.

Web page animation describing the Ubuntu One service. Built by Jake Archibald.

A promotional website to draw users into Telefonica's Think Big campaign.

A short animated demo to show how a character could look for advertising Simpay's payment methods.



Prototypes & Applications

A lot of the motion work I do is building visual and animated prototypes for conceptual or real experiences. More functional prototypes that give an idea of how interfaces are ordered can be completed in the likes of InVision, but working in an animated format, these more stylistically individual prototypes are often key ingredients in getting a client to buy in on an idea. Complete with smaller animated moments and bespoke behaviours, they can actually play and interact with the concept as realistically as possible.


Goertek / Nissei Japan
A demo created to inform the UI build in China for Nissei's automated ice cream machines. The machine consists of two screens. The main screen sits above the ice cream dispenser, and the left hand screen sits above the cone dispenser.

TT International
Demo created to show how the homepage could scroll, speeding up and slowing down as you go.

Concept website and tool for their Customer Experience package.

An early demo showing how a more immersive and interactive environment could differentiate the CLE from its competitors

A desktop application created to give expectant parents day-by-day information about their baby, and tips on what to expect and how to stay healthy.