Stephen Waller


It's not all victory laps and back-slapping, this cartooning lark. There's also a fair amount of throwing mud at a wall and seeing what sticks. Here's the stuff that slipped off and plunged, unloved, to the floor.

Hellizabeth (2015)

Created for a submission to Viz, this is an EXTREMELY sweary and VERY profane strip. It's about a girl possessed by the Devil, and her Atheist father who is having none of it. Sadly it didn't make the grade, so I present it to you now in all it's offensive glory. You have been warned.

Elementary (2013)

A half-page strip about The Four Elements (Earth, Wind, Fire and Water) living together and the shenanigans they get up to. Nobody wanted it...


Poles Apart (2012)

Originally conceived as a mini-strip for The Beano, this was almost accepted, but they felt the artwork should be more in line with my regular style. But it just didn't feel right when switched over from this more 'lineless'. I have more plans for these two at some point in the future, as the full page version below this shows.


TV Time Forgot (2013)

Conceived as a mini-strip to parody mainstream TV shows, this eventually got the thumbs down due to the fact that the shows being parodied weren't on the TV at the same time.

Blue Blood Cells (2012)

My second submission to The Dandy, after my Saint Evils run. It was also my very first strip I drew using an iPad (something i've done ever since), making use of fully scalable vector artwork. However, I guess a ministrip about two white blood cells dressed up as policemen and policing a human body was maybe stretching things a bit for a children's comic.